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Event Throwing Powder FAQ


What is Holi/throwing powder?

Event Colour throwing powder is all manufactured from the raw materials that are approved for use in food and/or cosmetic applications.  Other words it’s completely safe for skin contact in this application.

Where is it made?

Our powder is proudly made right under our noses in the North of England; so we can be confident in saying we know exactly what goes into it, and exactly what you’ll be throwing at each other.

Can this powder be used for all event types?

Holi festivals, colour runs, sporting events – you name it. The product is safe for everyone to use, it’s up to you what you choose to do with it.

Will it wash off skin?

Yes, with a bit of soap and water the colour will wash from hair and skin, a long soak in a hot bath is more effective than a shower in cleaning the skin.  In cases of heavy powdering don’t worry if it doesn’t come out straight away! Temporary colouration of hair and skin can happen; repeat washing may be necessary.

Will it stain clothing and surfaces?

Event Colour is formulated to be as stain free as possible, however, in some conditions and on some surfaces staining can occur.  If staining is a concern pre-test on a sample surface, under the conditions required.  Cleaning Tips – Use detergents and if necessary stain removers on clothing.

Is it safe? Is it toxic?

Event Colour throwing powder is completely safe and non-toxic;  However, with any fine powder we would recommend protective measures such as wearing a mask and goggles or similar, to protect eyes and avoid inhaling excessive quantities.  Throwing powders are a lot of fun, but should ALWAYS be used responsibly.

Tie hair back wherever possible and protect with a bandana, cap or shower cap. Bleached hair can be more porous and discolouration may occur. The colour is usually washed away with a shower after the event.

Is it environmentally friendly or bio-degradable?

As Event Colour is primarily made from natural raw materials there will be minimal environmental impact, the packaging can be easily disposed of through the normal plastic and cardboard recycling channels.

How do I purchase?

Contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to get you on track for a colourful delivery.

How much can I buy?

The more the better! We supply smaller volumes via distributors and directly to larger event organisers.  Please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

What packages are offered?

We supply Event Colour throwing powder in 15Kg bulk boxes, bag in a box.  These are an ideal size for hulking around a throwing station or for those who what to package up into smaller sachets themselves.


Download our safety certificate here